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Denis Evstigneev
franchising expert

My name is Denis Evstigneev, and I am the #1 franchising expert in Russia.

Since 2015, I have helped:

Package 16 franchises
Sell over 100 franchises
Open over 70 franchised locations
Raise over 2 billion roubles in franchise sales
I am a sought-after speaker and trainer, and I have shared my expertise with:

The MBA program at the Faculty of Economics of Moscow State University
Plekhanov Russian State University of Economics
RMA Business School
The Russian School of Management
The British Higher School of Design


I believe that the level of a franchising expert is determined by the level of their case studies.

Below, I have collected all of the franchising cases that I have worked on.

By studying them, you will be able to understand whether I have enough experience to package your business franchise.
  • Black Star Burger
    Franchise Development as Franchising Director, Franchise Package Creation, Sale of the First 20 Brand Franchises.
  • Bread and wine
    Franchise development
    Sale of the first franchise
    Support for the opening of the first restaurant of the iconic wine restaurant franchise.
  • True Cost
    Packaging of the fair price restaurant franchise of restaurateurs Alexander Kan and Iliodor Marych.
  • Good Food
    Packaging of the democratic fast food chain franchise
    Opening of 47 franchise locations.
  • Eat Market
    Food hall franchise development.
  • K-town
    Development of a restaurant franchise in the “real Korean barbecue” format
  • Mosautoshina
    Development of a tire center franchise.
    Sale of the first franchise.
  • Maxi Pizza
    Development of a Franchise for a Cozy Pizzeria from Stavropol
  • Pudel Shtrudel
    Description of the franchise of a unique format of confectionery for cats and dogs.
  • 2Dance
    Packaging of a dance studio franchise from Yekaterinburg.
  • Honey Bunny
    Packaging of a coffee shop franchise from Belgorod.
  • My Way Tattoo
    Development of a premium tattoo studio franchise program.
  • Cafeterius
    Development of a cult coffee shop chain franchise
    Sale, opening and support of the first 5 franchises.
  • АКB-centre
    Packaging of a car battery store franchise.
Benefits of Franchising
A franchise is a new strategic level of development for your company. Let's list the main enhancements that the franchise will bring.
  • 1
    Increased Revenue for Your Company
    Franchising your business involves attracting capital in the form of franchise fees and royalties.
    Revenue from these sources often exceeds the turnover of own outlets in the network.
  • 2
    Your Network Will Grow
    Creating a franchise gives an additional impetus to network development.
    In addition to own establishments, the company starts opening partner establishments.
    Franchising acts as a growth multiplier, significantly increasing the number of locations in your network.
  • 3
    You Will Gain a Competitive Advantage
    Expanding your network will help your business increase its market share and dominate competitors who do not have a franchise or have a weak franchise.
  • 4
    Your Business Will Reach New Heights
    Franchising your business will allow it to expand to new geographic horizons.
    If you have long wanted to expand your business to a new city or even a new country, franchising can help you achieve this strategic goal.
  • 5
    Your Products Will Be Sold in Franchise Outlets
    Your franchise locations will serve as points of sale for your products.
    Franchise packaging will help
  • 6
    You Will Get the Best Terms from Suppliers
    By building a franchise network and increasing your turnover, you will be able to dictate your terms to the market, including your network's suppliers.
Steps to Franchise Your Business
Let's consider in detail all the stages of the project to create a franchise.

Customer Reviews

"We are absolutely delighted with the results we achieved working with Denis. Everything was done on time and without delay. A big advantage was that Denis already had experience in the catering industry, so many of our internal processes in True Cost were intuitively understandable to him."
"True Cost"
Yana Vigderman
"Eat Market is an extraordinary project, it's a whole living organism that lives by its own rules. Describing all this in a single book of standards is a serious challenge. Denis coped with it. It was a pleasure to work with him."
"Eat Market"
Vlad Zemski
"We invited Denis to redo what the previous packagers had done. We recently completed a franchise development project and are ready to scale. We are in touch with Denis, thank you for your help! "
"АКБ центр"
Andrey Kolosovski
"The franchising process was a very important process for our company, an opportunity to put things in order in all the processes and methods that we apply in our studios. Thanks to Denis for his involvement and his ability to get to the bottom of things."
Evgeniy Lisunov & Kristina Lisunova
"We would like to thank Denis for his involvement and dedication to the implementation of our projects. Franchising was a new phenomenon for us, but thanks to Denis we were able to quickly understand and launch a franchising direction in the company."
"Les Ailes" и "Chopar Pizza"
Ahmad Melibaev
"Thanks to Denis for the "Mosavtoshina" franchise, the task was complicated by the fact that it was necessary not only to develop, but also to sell the first franchise. Denis did it, thank you!"
Anton Savkin

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