beauty salon

Contents of the project to develop a beauty salon franchise

In this example, by beauty salon we mean any enterprise in the beauty sector: it doesn’t matter whether it’s for women’s or men’s. In this text we will try to identify the main factors influencing the success of a beauty salon franchise.

This text will be useful to entrepreneurs who have just started packing their own franchise, as well as those who have decided to buy a beauty salon franchise.

All conclusions are based on practical experience and will be useful to both categories: franchise buyers and its creators.

Benefits of a beauty franchise

So, before moving on to describing a successful salon franchise and describing the packaging process, let’s find out what important resources a strong beauty brand has? These should be points of difference that will give the franchisee an advantage over its competitors.
School of Masters
As a rule, the product of a beauty brand directly depends on the skills of its staff. Ultimately, the consumer will find “his” master, but until he has found it, he goes to different salons in search. To ensure this advantage, they usually open their own school of masters or develop a training program.
Equipment set
Naturally, each salon works with its usual equipment manufacturers. And most likely, it has special delivery conditions. The franchise buyer is not only freed from the problem of choosing suitable equipment, but can also get it at a favorable price.
Supply chain
Each salon uses its own ingredients, cosmetics, formulations, etc. In rare cases, a beauty brand produces cosmetics for its salons itself, while in other cases there is a list of recommended suppliers with their own partner prices. Working with a franchise, a partner receives supplies at more favorable prices.
Recognizable brand
Naturally, a strong, recognizable brand gives an advantage in the market, especially in the first stages, immediately after opening. A recognizable brand is one that is known to a wide audience in a positive light and is chosen over other competitors.
CRM system
The CRM system makes it possible to organize work with clients. The beauty salon service is cyclical and is usually repeated once a month. A beauty company must be able to track consumer behavior and constantly keep its finger on the pulse. The franchisee must receive a well-functioning system for working with the customer base.
Opening system
In this section, you can include requirements for the location and premises, as well as a roadmap for opening the facility. A beauty franchise is no exception and these documents are usually part of any franchise.
The franchisee must have a ready-made plan for opening the facility in the optimal way: in the shortest possible time and with maximum savings.

Beauty salon franchise packaging

We have decided on the advantages of franchising a salon, now let’s move on to the packaging process itself. Let's look at the main stages of packaging a beauty franchise. In describing the stages, we are based solely on our team’s own experience in our implemented cases.
Steps to pack a beauty salon franchise
Description of the stages of the project to develop a beauty franchise
  • 1
    Business Research
    At this point, the audience of consumers and the audience of potential franchisees is studied to identify product criteria and consumption motives. The developer determines what franchise potential partners need and what product consumers of the final product want to receive. As a result, we must formulate the mandatory features of our future franchise.
  • 2
    Description of the financial model
    In the process of understanding the essence of the business, we understand the financial component of the business: what investments are required to start, what monthly revenue and cost structure the business assumes.
  • 3
    Development of franchise conditions
    Based on the described financial model, balanced franchise conditions are formed that will take into account the interests of both parties: the franchise founder and the partner.
  • 4
    Development of a commercial concession agreement
    The developed conditions form the basis of the commercial concession agreement. The agreement also sets out control points and areas of responsibility of the parties.
  • 5
    It is not enough to simply state responsibility; the partner must be taught the principles of doing business according to the rules of the network, and the starting point for this is the Laqy guide to doing business, which includes all the checklists, policies, rules, standards that are approved by the company.
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