There is a whole segment of franchises that can be defined as “female”. In this article we will try to understand this concept in more detail. The conclusions from this article will be useful both for entrepreneurs who decide to buy a franchise for a loved one, and for franchise founders who consider the female audience as the main part of their franchisees.
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In one of our previous articles, we explored the different types of franchise buyers and identified a significant group who purchase franchises not for themselves, but for their loved ones, such as their wives, daughters, or sons.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the segment of so-called "women's franchises." We will explore the types of businesses that women choose, their main motivations, and their criteria for selecting a franchise. This article will be useful for those who want to attract women to their franchise and for potential buyers who are considering buying a franchise for a loved one.

Some readers may see this article as being sexist, but I want to apologize in advance if that is the case. The information in this article is based on my own experience communicating with franchisees and franchisors. My goal is simply to understand how women's franchises are selected, purchased, and sold.

When we use the term "women's franchise," we are referring to a franchise that offers a greater level of support and assistance to a new business owner, rather than a franchise that is specifically designed for women.

Let's take a look at the main types of women's franchises and provide some comments and explanations for each one.

Beauty salon franchise
Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is a beauty salon franchise. "Our women are so beautiful that they definitely know about beauty, and they even have a significant advantage in the beauty business!" This belief attracts more and more buyers of beauty franchises for themselves or for their loved ones.

To assess how suitable the franchise is for the franchisee, it is worth determining:

· Does the franchisee have experience in the beauty industry? If a woman works in this field, she has a significant advantage for working under this franchise.

· How popular is the franchise itself: on social networks, in the city, in the media, etc.?

If a woman is known and popular in her city, her surroundings can create a client base for this business by itself.

· How knowledgeable is the franchisee in doing business? What experience did the franchisee have in running a business? If the experience is less than a year, or if there was none at all, then you should not manage the business yourself, it is better to hire an experienced manager.
Fitness franchise
Using a similar principle, you can choose a fitness franchise for your girlfriend. “She plays sports herself, she has succeeded in this, which means she will definitely succeed in business.” Despite all the seeming comicality, this belief is not without meaning. A girl with athletic, even amateur, experience in fitness can have deep ideas about how to properly build a fitness club service. However, it is worth considering several important criteria:

· A fitness club is a rather complex piece of real estate, the management of which requires not only knowledge in sports and fitness. Technical and engineering knowledge will also be useful.

· Centralized control over teaching methods in the club will be needed. A team of trainers will work under the supervision of the franchisee; their work needs to be directed.

· The success of a fitness club largely depends on sales and advertising, so future franchisees also need to navigate this.

In my opinion, the management of a fitness club should be transferred to a hired manager who would report the results to the franchisee. Nothing can replace years of experience. An exception may be cases when the franchisee already has experience, for example, she works in the fitness industry: as a trainer, manager, marketer, salesperson, etc.

Recently, new fitness trends have been gaining momentum. For example, cycling. These are classes on stationary exercise bikes, and the entire studio offers only one type of workout instead of the wide range of services of classic fitness studios. Opening a one-way studio can be cheaper and easier to manage for a new franchisee.
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Children's franchises

This is a truly unique and highly sought-after area that has a very high demand in the franchise market and a significant proportion of franchisees are women.

Many women decide to buy a children's franchise during or immediately after maternity leave. It seems very convenient: to take care of your child and open a business for working with other children along the way. Ideal, it seems.

Children's franchises are presented in very different directions: all kinds of sports clubs for different sports, creative schools, schools of some profession, programming, additional education, etc. In general, everything that should make a child smarter and healthier.

I am convinced that the vast majority of children's franchises provide inadequate quality services. I will explain why now.

The business works for consumers who are not yet very good at understanding the quality of the services provided. For example, parents who want to give their child as much as possible, but it is difficult for them to assess the quality of the club or school themselves. The service of such businesses looks something like this: we gather future champions, they do something there, run and jump, kick the ball, then grow up and quit their studies, and the school recruits new students.

The only confirmation of the quality of the school's services can be some objective achievements: victories in competitions, contests, etc.

It makes sense to buy a children's franchise only if it is a strong recognizable brand that will attract consumers with its signboard alone, in other cases it does not make sense. You can also collect trainers yourself, run advertising, recruit students and conduct classes.
Cafe franchise
In this section, we want to give our beloved woman a beautiful, intelligent business in the form of her own cafe, coffee shop, restaurant, or pizzeria. I am sure that this business looks intelligent only in the hall, behind the kitchen doors it turns into hard, not at all glamorous work.

Therefore, by analogy with the previous points, I would strongly not recommend getting involved in the production of the product if there is not enough experience and skill in this. Nothing prevents you from running this business as an owner and at the same time hiring an experienced manager and working with him.

Of all the listed franchise formats, I would least recommend a young franchisee to buy a catering franchise. This is the most complex business we have listed today. Catering is influenced by a lot of factors and the business actually works by its own laws. Therefore, without experience, I would not recommend buying a catering franchise regardless of the gender of the franchisee.

Clothing store franchise

Once again, beauty is the focus. Beautiful clothes, a pass into the world of fashion - this is what a clothing store franchise will provide us with. I would really recommend considering clothing brands as a "women's franchise". It is worth mentioning that today there are few clothing brands left that are not active in the regions.

There are many arguments in favor of a clothing franchise:

  • the product is not created on site, which means that the influence of the human factor is minimal;
  • clothing store locations are very standard and clear;
  • hiring sales staff is easier and cheaper than in other listed industries;
  • the franchisee will be able to manage the store even without experience, but with sufficient support from the franchise founder.
It is clear that when we talk about a franchise that is not purchased for oneself, we assume that our future franchisee will be a young and inexperienced person. Therefore, the franchise program should eliminate the franchisee's inexperience, train them, and provide them with the most thorough support and assistance possible. Ideally, we will develop a franchise program that can insure the franchisee in processes related to product production and other critical areas of work.

But let's say that the franchise is bought as a gift for a female entrepreneur with extensive business experience who has an idea of how to run a business in general and in a particular area in particular. And she is ready to take on everything and knows how to do it. In this case, there is no need to use the term "women's franchise" because we are simply dealing with a franchisee.