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What does dance franchises include? How to choose a dance school franchise. What to look for when buying a dance franchise.
One of the popular areas of franchising is a dance school. Dance schools and studios can be successful in any city: big or small. Dancing is an entertainment and hobby available to every person. Due to the wide reach of the audience, the business may well be of a network nature and scale through franchising. In our article we will tell you how to choose a dance school franchise, what to look for and how to evaluate the dance school business.

What does a dance school franchise provide?

At first glance, opening a dance school might seem like a straightforward and transparent business venture. The common perception is to recruit a renowned dance instructor as the studio's head, allowing them to assemble a team of instructors aligned with their expertise. Add administrative staff, a convenient location, and voila, success is assured! However, this simplistic approach is destined for failure.

Why a Winning Dancer Doesn't Equal a Winning Instructor:

A talented dancer doesn't necessarily translate into an effective instructor. Instead of relying on a single instructor, a dance school requires a well-structured curriculum. This includes establishing unique rituals, certification processes, and progressive stages. A meticulously designed program ensures that it caters to the needs of a diverse student body.

Instructors often build their own client bases and eventually venture off to open their own schools. Instead of solely focusing on recruiting exceptional instructors, the key lies in creating a thriving school that attracts and retains students regardless of the instructor lineup.

A dance school goes beyond mere instruction; it fosters a community, uniting individuals with shared interests, social circles, and even income levels. Students will remain loyal for years if the school cultivates an atmosphere of trust, camaraderie, and a sense of belonging.

Expecting students to enroll on their own is an unrealistic approach. A successful dance school requires a robust lead generation system to ensure a steady influx of students. Understanding and implementing effective online marketing strategies to attract new students can be a daunting task for a novice. Seeking guidance from experienced professionals is crucial.

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Benefits of a dance school franchise

From the preceding discussion, we can readily identify four essential advantages a dance school franchise should provide to potential franchisees:

Recognized Brand Identity: A dance school with a recognizable brand name holds a significant advantage over an independent studio, even if the latter boasts a well-established local reputation.

Comprehensive Curriculum: The ideal curriculum should cater to a diverse range of students, offering engaging and stimulating learning experiences that incorporate a variety of teaching methods. The traditional "repeat after me" approach is outdated and ineffective. Modern dance students seek interactive learning experiences that utilize innovative methods such as video analysis, gamification, and competitive elements. Dance classes should not be merely about rote memorization; they should be a fun and enjoyable way to unwind after a long day.

Fostering a Vibrant Community: A dance school franchise should transcend mere instruction and evolve into a community of shared interests. This community should have its own traditions, rituals, and established rules. People have a fundamental desire to belong to something larger than themselves. Take a class at the dance school franchise you're considering. Did you sense a sense of community and belonging, or was it simply a tedious repetition of moves dictated by the instructor?

System for attracting consumers - the franchisor must have a well-functioning system for attracting consumers. Without Internet channels, this story will not work. Let the franchise salesperson convince you that you can influence the number of students at your partner school. I wouldn’t want to launch a school and sit around waiting for someone to sign up for you; it should be a powerful stream.

The interior is an unexpected twist in the story, but the layout and interior of the school plays a very important role. Students, and especially women, dance to feel like they are in a movie, to feel like they are part of a beautiful story, and if she is surrounded by walls lined with plastic, the feeling will quickly disappear.

Choose a dance school franchise

When purchasing a franchise, pay attention to the identity of the franchisor. It’s not bad if this is an authoritative person in the world of dance.

Talk to the students of the school, ask them what complaints they have about the coaches, the owners, and the school itself.

Attend a class as a student without notifying the owners in advance. Is the class interesting or uncomfortable?

Understand from the school itself whether you want to linger here or is the room uncomfortable and “pushes” you out?

Example of a dance school franchise
Studio "2Dance"

A dance school franchise that I know from the inside and can strongly recommend is the “2Dance” chain of dance studios. The founders of the school, Evgeniy and Kristina Lisunov, are European champions in bachata. The guys really know their stuff, are constantly improving and perfectly combine the dance and business components.

Anyone who wants to connect their life with dancing should definitely buy the “2Dance” franchise.
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